Welcome To St Mary's Sunday School And Creche Page.

In 1993 group of mothers started our Sunday School and Crèche the first at St Mary's for 30 years!

The Sunday School is still running 20 years later with 2 of the founder members still actively involved!
Normally we meet the first 3 Sundays of the month during term time.
Sessions are at the Methodist church hall, starting at 9.45am. All ages are very welcome, and sessions are based on a lively mixture of bible stories, craft, drama, play and prayer.
At 10.30am, the Sunday School leaders walk the children down to St Mary's church where they join the congregation for communion or a blessing. Parents are welcome to stay with their children or leave them with Sunday School staff who all have experience of working with children in the church and have current CRB checks.

If you have any questions, please Email Alison Price Lay Coordinator Here...
Rev Sue Foster Ministerial Coordinator at the Tenbury Team office Here...

Activities for July.

Sunday 2nd July.

9.45am Sunday School in the Methodist Hall.

We will be hearing the bible story about Jesus telling his disciples how important it is to welcome people. We will be making a welcome banner in different languages, and a Count Your Blessings book to take home. Into church at 10.30am. Service finishes at 11.00am .

Sunday 9th July.

9.45am. Meet at Methodist Hall.

As part of our rolling programme of communion preparation, we will be hearing the story about the baptism of Jesus. We'll be talking about baptism and confirmation and making doves to take home. Into church at 10.30am. Service finishes at 11.00am.

Sunday 16th July.

9.45am. Meet at Methodist Hall.

We'll be hearing the parable Jesus told about a farmer sowing seeds and how Jesus talks about the need for us to grow strong roots. We'll be making cress heads and using seeds for our prayers. Into church at 10.30a . Service finishes at 11.00am.

Sunday 23rd July.

Family Service. All in church at 10.00am. Service finishes at 11.00am.

Sunday School breaks up for the summer school holiday, but please come to church when you can. If you let me know you are coming, we can organise some special activities at the children's table.


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