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Given there are twelve churches in the Team, it is not surprising that there is a variety of services taking place on any given Sunday. In addition, there is a pattern of daily services at St Mary's in Tenbury. Please click on the Team Diary link above to see the schedule of services in the Team.


The Communion service (or Eucharist) is the heartbeat of the Church. All churches have at least one Communion service a month and there is a daily service at St Mary's, Tenbury.

Any Christian who has been baptised in the name of the Trinity and is a communicant member of a Church is welcome to receive Holy Communion in the Church of England.

Daily Prayer

At St Mary's, Tenbury there is a regular pattern of daily prayer. Our daily prayer begins at 8am with half an hour of silent prayer which you are welcome to join at any time. This is followed by Morning Prayer and often the Eucharist.

All the services are taken from Common Worship and you can have a look at today's services by clicking on the links below:

  • Morning Prayer

  • Evening Prayer

  • Church and Chips

    Crafs, games, play with lots of chips.This takes place on first Saturday of the month 4.00pm at St Mary's Tenbury.

    Service Books

    There are two service books used in the Team

    Common Worship.

    Common Worship (CW) was published in 2000 and is the most widely used prayer book within the Church of England. Its language is contemporary and the services are easy to follow, but it is also sensitive to the traditions of the Church.

    The Church of England publishes the content of the book online here.

    The Book of Common Prayer

    The Book of Common Prayer (or BCP) is the traditional prayer book of the Church of England and dates back to 1662. Although some people find the language archaic, it is not hard to understand it it has a poetic ring.

    Some of the churches in the Team use the Book of Common Prayer for all their services, and you can view it online here. In fact, such is the affection that many have for the BCP there is a society dedicated to it.