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Welcome to the Social Diary and Events Page.

Wednesday 3rd 10.30am - 12.noon St Mary's Tenbury Morning Coffee.
Saturday 6th 12.30pm Coreley: Summer Fete
  3.00pm Nash & Boraston: Strawberry Tea
  4.00 - 6.00pm St Mary's Tenbury: Church and Chips.
  7.00pm Greete: Concert Music of the 60s to present
  7.00pm St Michaels: Organ Recital
Saturday 6th 7.30pm ST Michaels: SM Singers summer concert
Sunday 14th 2.00pm - 4.00pm Burford: Annual Fete
  2.30pm St Mary's Tenbury: Piano Concert
Wednesday 17th 10.30am -12.noon St Mary's Tenbury: Morning Coffee
Friday 19th 12noon - 2.00pm St Mary's Tenbury: Free Lunch & Friendship
  10.00am -12.noon St Michaels: Coffee Morning
Wednesday 24th 10.00am - 12.noon St Mary's Tenbury: Coffee Morning.
Friday 26th 7.00pm Nash & Boraston: Skittles, Quiz & Ploughman
Wednesday 31st 10.00am - 12.noon St Mary's Tenbury: Coffee Morning