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remember being in Church in July 2013 when I had just been ordained as a Deacon so there was a lot on. But on that Sunday there was excitement in the air, something that had not happened in a long time was brewing up and we were looking forward to the big game later in the day. Who would win, who would lose. Will it be cheers or tears - the odds seems stacked for tears and disappointment, because the other side looked better and had won before and would likely win again I was preaching that day so I mentioned the coming final, and I was pretty sure lots of people in the congregation would be watching live the kick off at 2pm for the big final, Andy Murray vs Novak.

I can't remember what I prayed that day but I wanted a win for Andy, a win for Scotland and a win for the UK and it came to pass.

This Sunday the nation will again be looking at screens for the big game and the favourites to win are not England mens football team, I imagine there will be a few prayers lifted to heaven for a win, at last, though I am not convinced that our God wants and England victory any more that he wanted an Andy Murray triumph.

The question is who are you: who are you - beyond being english or british or a football fan.

Can you say h: I worship the Lord: if you worship the Lord; that is the one true God, three in one, the blessed Trinity: If you are here today to offer your worship you are most welcome: Ifask yourself why you come week in week out, or why are you visiting; or why you come only from time to time: it is not just what you believe that counts: it is who you are: it asks the questions who are you really: have you really made a commitment to worship; have you fallen away from good habits and fallen into some less good habits: there is a time to change habits and the time is always now: the kingdom time is always now. Worship is only giving to God what he is due: we can only offer humble thanks in return.

We are often many things, parents, grandparents, husbands, wife, jobs, from a country, a region but none of this matters as much as that statement from Jonah.

I worship the Lord, the God of heaven – now when you have that as your identity, all else is secondary, important yes, but what makes us different from any other group meeting this morning

I worship the Lord, the God of heaven.

Some of us need to change, and today you can turn from whatever is preventing you being a worshipper and simply begin to worship; in the hymns, in the prayers, at the table and in the quiet just say; I worship the Lord, the God of Heaven – seek help if you need it, but we need to be a community of people who seek to worship.

I worship the Lord, the God of heaven.

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