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Dear Friends,
Something to think about ….

“I don’t know about you, but for me, the glass is always completely full. It’s not half empty, and it’s not even half full - it’s completely full! And it’s a good job that I never lost hope - because I have really made a mess of things in the past. I’ve had it all.

I’ve been an orphan;
I’ve been a son (I was adopted at the age of three days, against my mother’s wishes - or so I now know).
I grew up feeling rejected and abandoned; now, I’ve been accepted and found.
I’ve been married; I’ve been separated and divorced.
I’ve been loved;
I’ve been hated.
I’ve been financially successful; I’ve been bankrupt.
I’ve lived in my own house, mortgage free; I’ve been homeless;
I’ve lived in a caravan.
I’ve met the future king of England, Prince Charles;
I’ve lived at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.
I’ve owned top-of-the-range executive cars;
I have lost everything and had my car towedaway.
I’ve driven Lamborghinis;
I’ve had to rely on my feet and public transport.
I’ve flown a plane;
I’ve certainly been brought back down to earth with a bump.
I’ve travelled the world; I’ve been stuck in a rut.
I’ve partied and danced, celebrated and socialised;
I’ve sat alone with no friends.
I’ve been a number;
I’ve been a name.I’m proud of some of my achievements; I am ashamed of so many of my mistakes

But I am not my past. Spectacular sin and epic failures demand radical redemption, unfailing forgiveness and a deep-rooted rebirth

They say people can’t change - and I agree! People can’t change, and certainly people can’t change people, but God can! God can change people. Isn’t that what the gospel is all about - what Christianity is all about - people who need to change their lives, coming to know Christ and seeing their lives changed

For me, life changed when, in the deepest, darkest depths of my despair, all alone in my prison cell, I read the Bible from cover to cover … and it changed something in me. It changed me! I found hope - I found the hope! Christ alone can take your guilt and shame. When I left prison, some five or six years ago now, I knew the only thing I had to do was find a church. This, I did, but I found a whole lot more.

From three days old - feeling unloved and unwanted, rejected and abandoned - to where I am today has been an amazing journey. It’s been the scariest and wildest roller-coaster ride that I’ve ever been on, with amazing highs to heart-wrenching lows ,,, and it’s not over yet. God has also truly blessed me with my beautiful wife. She has shown me what it is to accept someone, unconditionally, just as they are - with all their hurts, habits and hang-ups - with all their flaws, faults and failures (and I still have many). I was a leper in society, longing to belong, and she came along with a whole lot of love.

I’m just an ordinary guy - you, too, can find hope, wherever you are.” Jesus and John’s lives went from the best of days to the worst. They had heard God speak as Jesus was baptised. But soon after, John ended up in prison. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert being tempted to deny God. Matthew, one of Jesus’ close friends, wrote afterwards that Jesus had nothing to eat for those 40 days. Jesus used words from the Bible to beat Satan. We will all be tested, but we can be ready to respond the way Jesus did.

Revd Mark Ingls.