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2nd December - Advent 1.
Burford. 11.00am - Holy Communion BCP.
Clee Hill. 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.
Coreley. 3.00pm - Holy Communion CW.
Hope Bagot. 9.15am - Holy Communion BCP.
Nash. 11.00am - Holy Communion.
St Michaels. 10.00am - Family Service
Tenbury. 9.15 am - Family Service
  4.00pm - Advent Songs of Praise

9th December - Advent 2.
Boraston 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.
Burford 4.00pm -Evensong BCP.
St Michaels 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.
Tenbury 9.15am - Holy Communion CW.
  11.00am - Baptism.
Whitton 4.00pm -Evensong BCP.

Saturday 15th December
ST Michaels 6.30pm -Carol service

16th December - Advent 3.
Boraston 4.00pm - Carol Service.
Burford 6.30pm - Carol Service.
Clee Hill 4.00pm - Christingle
Corrley 3.00pm - Carol Service.
Hop Bagot 4.15pm - Carol Service.
Little Hereford 9.15am - Holy Communion BCP.
St Michaels 11.00am - Sung Matins BCP.
  3.00pm - Choral Evensong.
Tenbury 9.15am - Parish Communion CW.
Whitton with Greete 6.300pm - Holy Carol Service.
Friday 21st December.
Little Herford 7.30pm Carol Service

23rd December - Advent 4.
Burford 10.00am - Family Service.
Clee Hill 11.00am -Matins.
Tenbury 8.00am - Holy Communion BCP.
  6.30pm - Carol Service.

Monday 24th December
Burford 11.00am - Midnight Mass.
Corley 11.00am - Midnight Mass.
Little Hereford 3.00pm - Crib Service.
St Michaels 3.30pm -Crib Service.
Tenbury 4.00pm - Christingle.
  11.00pm - Midnight Mass.
Whitton 9.00pm - Holy Communion CW.

Tuesday 25th December - Christmas Day.
Clee Hill 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.
Greete 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.
Hope Bagot 9.15am - Holy CommunionBCP.
Little Hereford 9.15am -Holy Communion CW.
Nash 11.00am - Holy Communion.
St Michaels 11.00am - Holy Communion BCP.
Tenbury 9.15am - Parish Communion CW.

30th December - Christmas 1.
Tenbury 8.00am - Holy Communion BCP
Greete 11.00am - Team service