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This Week In the week of St James’ Day, pray for all places of pilgrimage, and for those who walk the pilgrim route to Compostela.

Pray for all quiet and prayerful places, and for spiritual directors and counsellors and retreat leaders Monday honours Mary of Magdala, sometimes called “Apostle to the apostles”, as the bearer of good news on Easter morning.. She is also regarded as a patron to penitents - pray for all who come in penitence to the Lord today, and for a Church that greets them with healing and reconciling love.

Wednesday (24/7) is kept as Samaritans Awareness Day: pray for all who feel totally desperate, and give thanks for the work of those who are ready to listen and support, and for that work to receive the funding it needs. Thursday is Schizophrenia Awareness Day - this is a condition that is more common than many imagine, affecting some 1% of the population. It is also misunderstood quite widely. Pray for greater awareness, and that those living with this condition may find support, refuge where needed, and the advice and direction that can help most to live a stable and settled life

Pray for all that helps ensure safety in our workplaces, for those responsible for safety inspections, and for all who are injured or disabled through accidents at work. Pray particularly for the safety of those who work on our farms. Love Parks Week begins during this week (the actual date seems to vary). Give thanks for our green spaces, both urban and rural, that are so important to our individual and community health.

Pray for all who as paid staff and volunteers help ensure that parks are clean, tidy, litter-free and safe places. Pray also for those who prepare and look after our sports grounds and play parks.

Pray for local sports clubs, and especially those who teach, encourage and coach children and young people to enjoy and achieve in sport.


Claire Lording:
A lot of you remember Claire so she has sent a message and reports that she is fine. She is waiting to start treatment for breast cancer and is keen for everyone to know.