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Dear Friends,

Some riddles:
. How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Just one but it takes six visits.

Q. How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?
A. One, but the light bulb has really got to want to change

Q. How many country and western singers does it take to change a light bulb ?
A. Five ... one to change the light bulb and a quartet to sing about how much they long and pine for the old one!

Q. How many Anglicans does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Change??!!***

.....Just a bit of fun - no offence to anyone intended - but the truth is, sometimes, even we Anglicans have to accept that there will be change! In fact, change in our group of churches is imminent.

The first and most important is that this month we are saying farewell to Revd Sue. Sue has worked tirelessly in this team ever since her ordination in 2003, she has given us 15 years of her life and ministry, all on a voluntary basis. Sue has already ceased her week-day parish ministry and after an autumn gap she will occasionally preside on Sundays in some of our churches. Whilst I know that Sue will be very, very, much missed by so many people (including me), we also need to give thanks for all that we have received from the richness of her ministry and to wish her well with her continuing work in the Diocese.

The second change that I hope you are all aware of now, is the alteration to our service times. Every congregation or parish PCC has chosen the service time that is felt best for its congregation. Amazingly this has all worked out really well and means, as was hoped for, that it will now be theoretically possible to cover the rota, in particular the communion services, with fewer clergy. In practice this means that, as and when we have fewer clergy, including our greatly valued ministers with permission to officiate, offering their services (as has now begun with Sue) we should not encounter difficulties in providing clergy to conduct services.

The third change, to life in Tenbury at least, is the sad closure of the Methodist Church. There is however work going on 'behind the scenes' between Mark and I and a husband and wife Methodist minister team from Leominster, who have been entrusted with an oversight role of the church. As far as we are aware the Methodist Hall will continue in use and the church building, that as we know is so warm and comfortable, will continue be used for 'Starting Rite' and hopefully for other community-based work and worship.

Change can be unsettling and some as we know is sad but the truth is we are all in God's hands and when we are aware of this, change is not threatening, it can even be exciting! Church has changed hugely over the years - I'm sure you can all say something about how life has changed in your own churches within your lifetimes. Rest assured, we are always safe and secure when we are able to trust and when "We know that all things work together for good to those who love God" - St. Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 8, verse 28.

Revd Sian