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Dear Friends,

Have you ever been on a pilgrimage? A pilgrimage is a special journey that we make to a holy place, a place that is significant to us personally in some way. Its not only the destination that's important but also the journey itself.

There is a long history of pilgrimage within the Christian church and this is because early Christians were keen to be at the places where Jesus himself had been, like Jerusalem or Bethlehem. This is so understandable - I would simply love to one day walk on the shores of Lake Galilee and even though any footprints of Christ have been washed away by two thousand years of lapping waters - it still seems to me that it might be possible to capture something authentic through our other senses - sight and sound - perhaps.

The Holy Land is of course not the only place where pilgrimage has taken place for a long time. In the early church there were many martyrs who became saints and in their heavenly lives they could intercede for us, Before the Reformation, when every Christian in western Europe was a Roman Catholic, it was common practice for everyone to ask for Jesus, Mary and the saints to intercede for us - to present our prayers to God on our behalf

In this country there are many recognised places of pilgrimage: Lindisfarne where a group of us travelled to three years ago; Iona where a group of us will travel to next year; Walsingham in Norfolk which holds a national pilgrimage annually; Bardsey Island, Holywell and St David's in Wales and various other sites throughout the UK.

These are the big names but the truth is, that there are many places we can go to where we experience a sense of the sacred and of God's presence. In fact we are altogether surrounded by such places, not least, in our churches, where there is often also a strong sense of all those prayers that have been prayed over hundreds of years.

We are holding a pilgrimage in our Team on 24th September because all of our churches are special, sacred, holy places. There are three routes to choose from, all converging on St Marys Burford where there will be lunch at about 1pm, followed by an act of worship at about 2pm. All of our churches will be visited and there will be prayer along the way as we take in the stunning countryside we are surrounded by and focus on God's presence with us.

This is also an opportunity to fund raise for our churches by being sponsored to either walk or NOT walk. Further information and sponsor forms are available from our churchwardens. It is necessary to let Julie in the office know if you are walking and which route you have chosen and everyone is welcome to come to the lunch and worship - again please let Julie know. Please do walk with us, cheer us on or join us for lunch and worship on what will be I'm sure a very special day of pilgrimage - right here!
Revd Sian